A member of PKF International Ltd
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Our licenses and accreditation


  • State License for general audit № Е 002484 valid till November 6, 2012.

MCD Partner:

  • State License for works using information containing state secret № Б 362547, File Number 3600 dated December 17, 2007 valid till December 17, 2010;
  • Certificate on Accreditation by the Russian Society of Appraisers and inclusion in the Register of Appraisers of RSA № 0368/78-1111-05 valid till September 29, 2008;
  • Four appraisers of MCD Partner are members of the self-regulated appraisal organization of the Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA);
  • License for structural engineering and design (I and II building criticality rating according to the state standard №ГС-2-781-02-26-0-7809025499-008456-1). The License is valid till February 14, 2010;
  • Participant of the Microsoft Partnership Program standing as Microsoft Certified Partner.

MCD has a Certificate of Quality of Auditing Services № 131 dated December 26, 2006 issued by the Institute of Professional Auditors of Russia (IPAR) and valid till December 26, 2009.

This document certifies the high level of proficiency of MCD's auditors as well as the compliance of the implemented and continually supported corporate quality control system with the Russian national standards of auditing and effectiveness and adequacy of the system for the purpose of quality assurance and risk containment.

Membership to professional associations and organizations:

  • Full member of the PKF international audit and consulting association;
  • Member of the Institute of Professional Auditors (IPAR);
  • Member of division of non-commercial partnerships «Institute of Professional Auditors» - North-West territorial institute of professional auditors;
  • Corporate member of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (IPBR) and Territorial Institute of Professional Accountants (SZTIPB);
  • Member of the Union of Producers and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of St. Petersburg;
  • Member of the non-commercial partnership «Interregional Center of Expert and Auditing Companies for Housing and Utilities»;
  • Member of the Russian Society of Appraisers.