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Human resources are the priority value of the company. Specialization and competence of the staff allows the company performing both standard and unique projects.

As of July 1, 2008, the number of personnel employed by the Group amounted to 202 persons.

The MCD Group structure includes Audit Department, Legal Department, Management Consultancy Department, Investment Consultancy Department, and Appraisal and Engineering Department.

The total number of MCD's staff is 98 persons, where 78 persons are certified auditors and advisors, 7 - support personnel, and 13 - administrative and secretarial staff.

The number of personnel employed by MCD Partner amounts to 72 persons, where 41 persons are experts and specialists on management and business consultancy, 9 - appraisers, 5 - legal advisors, 4 - support personnel, and 13 - administrative staff. The number of employees in the MCD Partner's subsidiary in Moscow is 32 persons.