In 2011 a Quality Management System was developed and implemented by ZAO MCD Partner. The System was certified by TUVRheinland, which confirmed, that the implemented System meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

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Welcome to our site. We are a member of a global network of independent firms, PKF International, offering you first-class auditing, appraisal, accountancy, legal, consulting services and business advice.

Global reach, one vision

«Local expertise wherever you are» is the PKF promise. Member firms of PKF International share the same commitment: high quality, partner-led services tailored to each client's requirements and grounded in local knowledge. At the same time, membership of the network allows the sharing of knowledge, experience and skills that is so vital for our clients who do business in more than one country.

Most importantly, PKF International means a global standard of quality for you. Wherever you take your business, you can be sure of a trusted PKF firm to support you with the same care and skill that you find at home.

Our team provides an expert service to many different types of organisations across the world. Our clients range from small owner-managed businesses to listed companies, partnerships, charities and government bodies - and we cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Internationally the name of PKF is recognised and respected, and is associated with independent auditing to the highest standards.

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