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Financial and management consulting

Financial and investment management, public finances, tax planning

Strategic management and organization development

Personnel Management Service

Technologic audit

  • consultancy on technologic audit
  • optimization of manufacturing process
  • evaluation of innovation activity of enterprises
  • appraisal of results of application of new commercially feasible technologies (procedures)
  • evaluation and prospective realization of production capabilities of an enterprise
  • improvement of manufacturing process management system, including calculation of usage rates, organization of technologic and production documents circulation, mechanism of workflow management of (logistics)

Marketing and sales management

  • development of marketing management system
  • design of program for company and services positioning
  • development of brand management and trademark management systems
  • design of program for launching new goods and services
  • development of general distribution management system and distribution system based on retail-format franchise
  • design of merchandising program
  • development of system for market control of prices and sales promotion.
  • design of marketing communications program
  • development of client relations marketing system
  • development of partner relations marketing system (cross-marketing strategies and programs, etc.)

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