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Project management

  • implementation and optimisation of project management systems
  • development of project management organisation structures

Project management includes two managerial approaches: (i) application of ad hoc methods to one or more projects and complete formalisation of their life cycles and (ii) using of project approaches and project management tools for business management or business development.

The general purposes of project management (in the context of the above) are as follows:

  • extraction of one or more projects from other company's activities as a separate set of actions with a shared objective and dedicated resources
  • using of existing methodologies and tools to increase management effectiveness, reduce costs and time of execution, and improve resource management, as applied to projects
  • support in solving non-standard tasks or problems
  • reduction of lead time for products and services by ordering of the complex operational environment
  • assessment of profit maximization possibilities based on the suggested solution
  • structuring of company's activities, in part or in whole, as a set of projects for the purpose of increase of effectiveness, cost reduction, and increase of management transparency
  • increase of project control effectiveness
  • getting competitive advantages due to the use of the state-of-the-art project methodology to increase a chance of success
  • participation in the on-going general change in the business paradigm (basic model): the modern business or the 21st century business is a set of interrelated projects

Project management can also be used as an instrument of functioning and subsequent long- term development of a company.

Project management objects include:

  • internal and external corporate infrastructure
  • resources
  • processes
  • personnel
  • areas of management of risks, quality, communications, suppliers, and contracts
  • innovation programmes and corporate development plans
  • investment projects, development projects, internal and external projects
  • technologies

On provision of project management consultancy MCD's specialists follow the PMI standards (Project Management Institute) - the leading professional organisation in the field.

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