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Consulting in public sector

Consultancy on finance and increase of performance effectiveness for public authorities and regulatory agencies, state and infrastructural enterprises and organizations:

  • optimization of management and data exchange procedures for public and municipal authorities
  • advice on design and implementation of accounting systems, development of accounting methods, design of reporting forms, chart of accounts and documentation system
  • consultancy on application of best-practice methods of drawing up and control of budgets, result-oriented budgeting
  • consultancy on implementation and improvement of a budget execution treasury system, optimization of cash flows
  • consultancy on management improvement
  • assessment of fiscal transparency in conformity with the Transparency Code of IMF
  • optimization of inter-budgetary relations
  • training for financial managers and specialists
  • training for non-financial managers
  • improvement of the regional legislation (legal regulations) in respect of finance
  • assessment of quality of public finance management
  • audit and consultancy under the regional tariff regulations
  • justification for tariffs on goods, works and services included in rent and payments for municipal service
  • audit of state and municipal unitary enterprises
  • development of an action plan for increasing the credit status of regions, municipal governments and organizations; design of borrowings infrastructure
  • audit of projects related to external institutional borrowings (EBRD, IBRD, IFC, IDA)
  • due diligence
  • automation of documentation systems for public authorities and regulatory agencies
  • conceptual development of regional programs for public finance management system reformation
  • consultancy on strategic planning of social and economic development
  • project management
  • assistance in project development, feasibility study and coordination of implementation
  • consultancy on development and management in the sectors of tourism, culture, leisure, municipal service, education and health care, including improvement of management, methods and approaches to service rendering, marketing and financing attraction

Among our clients in this area are public authorities and regulatory agencies, state and private enterprises, state and public organizations, non-commercial organizations, associations and unions, charitable funds and organizations, as well as international investors and sponsoring agencies (IBRD, EBRD, ministries and agencies for international development, European Commission).

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Stanislav I. Grinkevich

Telephone: 7 (812) 600-9100

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