Yury Voropaev is the founder of MCD. He actively promotes the company, leading its geographical expansion and new markets, both national, and foreign. Yury pays much attention to the company’s human resources, motivating employees to develop their professional skills and obtain new knowledge, to attend seminars and advanced training courses, and to write professional articles.
Over 20 years, Yury has provided auditing services and specialized in management of large consulting projects, consultancy for the Russian regional governments and ministries of the Federal government in respect of implementation of government reforms and automation of management processes.
Yury Voropaev is a member of the Russian Society of Appraisers and the Board of the St. Petersburg Marketing Club. Yury has also authored many economic articles and co-authored the education guidance on financial accounting.


Artur Gazaryan

Deputy General Director for Audit,
Head of Audit Department

Artur Gazaryan has provided excellent leadership of the Audit Department for over 20 years, exercising control of project implementation at all stages. Artur is directly involved in discussions on project results to monitor the project implementation and improve the quality of services. Artur Gazaryan is a certified auditor and earned a Ph.D. in Economics.
Artur has devoted more than three decades to financial and tax accounting matters. He participated in review and audit projects and wrote more than 25 articles on economic issues published in "Financial Accounting" and "Taxation and Tax Planning". Artur is also in charge of MCD’s relations with St. Petersburg universities in respect of internships and training of interested students in the basics of the audit profession. Artur Gazaryan gives lectures at universities and is a member of the State Examination Commission of the St. Petersburg State University.

Anna Gornaya has devoted more than 20 years to carrying out general audit, audit of stock exchanges, non-budgetary funds and investment institutions, restating of financial statements, audit of financial statements prepared under IFRS, and consultancy on financial and tax accounting issues. Anna is a high-level professional: she is a certified auditor having an ACCA qualification (ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards), an MBA Diploma of the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg (Master of Business Administration Program), and a Ph.D. in Economics. Anna Gornaya has authored a number of publications on topical issues relating to audit and financial accounting.
Anna holds a position of Deputy Head of Audit Department, coordinates the work of the department, and is responsible for quality control of projects implemented by the company.